Who, What, Why Joseki Tech?

Who is Joseki Tech? The company was formed in 2009 to assist companies in building complex and multi-faceted web applications. There are thousands of solution companies that you can work with, and everyone focuses on what separates them from all the others. We are no different – Joseki Tech’s goal is to accomplish the “perfect play” in formulating the plan to get from where you are now to where you ultimately want to go.

What our name reflects is our vision. Go is a 2,500 year old strategy game which started in ancient China. It is often claimed that Go is the most complex game in the world. “Joseki” is a Go term which can be translated as “the art of perfect play”. A Joseki is a pattern in a Go game which is considered “the right way to play”. Joseki speaks to the fact that there is a right way to solve a problem, and the game of Go speaks to the fact that problem solving can be beautiful.

Why we believe that problem solving is an art… that there is a “right way” to approach a complicated problem. Our strategy strikes a balance between technical excellence and business/user requirements that results in a solution that will stand up technically, but also thrill the user. We understand how to take the theory associated with the “perfect” application and apply it in context.

The Team

Adam Steidley

Adam is a veteran of over 20 years of experience in IT technologies and consulting and founded Joseki Technologies hoping to apply these skills to solving business problems. Joseki Tech is working with customers to help understand the business problem, learn how technology can be applied to solving it and then executing this vision.

Dan Bush

VP. Application Development. Over fifteen years of enterprise systems experience. Excellent communication and technical skills. Substantial experience in the hospitality, financial, and digital media industries.

Specialties include full cycle project execution from inception through delivery. Excel at systems integration, technical challenges, team building, and mentoring.

Steve Drahus

Steve is a rockstar… EOM

Chris Keegan

Trained in commercial arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Chris has nearly 20 years of experience creating multimedia, graphic design, web, and mobile projects. He is expert in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. Chris possesses advanced coding skills using ActionScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. By applying his expertise in coding with his passion for design Chris has been involved in the creation and release of countless training efforts, sales initiatives, and full on system development projects. Chris has also utilized his strong communication skills and his keen attention to detail in administering thousands of users on learning management systems.  The quality of Chris’ work is a product of his dedication, focus, and continuing quest to expand his professional and technical knowledge.

josekiwpWho, What, Why Joseki Tech?